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     E-Waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/products that have become obsolete because of advancement of technology or change in fashion.
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Data Destruction Services

MY RECYCLER provides data wiping services with the guarantee that no data is ever recoverable from that disk again. That is how confident we are of our expertise. And yes, we don’t just claim it, we issue the certificate once we are done with your disk. Our state-of-art lab where we work on your storage device is fully equipped with machinery and efficient workforce to provide the safest data destruction services in India.

There are lot of reasons why one should go for certified data wiping services. More than anything else, the most important reason is, data wiping done at home isn’t simply complete. Even after removing those data and cleaning it, those data can be recovered using professional tools. A professional data destruction services, on the other hand, can achieve that and easily clean your hard disk like a new one.

Data wiping in India isn’t a very popular concept. While we tend to think we are safe and we need not spend excess on wiping a hard disk, you have no idea what can be done using those data. Your net-banking details can be checked and your bank account can be hacked. Safeguard your private details using certified data wiping services in India.

These disks can simply be broken and smashed to destroy them but it will increase the e-waste hazards. Even if you simply want to destroy the data device, you need to contact MY RECYCLER again for its professionally managed e-waste hazard services. However, we insist that your disk can be fully erased using our data destruction services and you can simply opt for that.

We have been certified ISO 9001:2008 for our service excellence. This proves that we are in fact better than our competitors in offering data wiping services to the world. With so many individuals and companies affording our services, why will you hesitate and risk your private details in this unsafe world.