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     E-Waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/products that have become obsolete because of advancement of technology or change in fashion.
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E-Waste is defined as waste electronic and electrical equipments generated at the point of no further usage for original intended purpose, but the valuable resources can be recovered in most eco-efficient manner without any damage to environment and health. E-Waste recycler is one whore cycles E-Waste,isolate the hazardous materials out of it and treat it properly, recovers the valuable resources of it, all in eco-friendly manner using scientific technologies.

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Electronic waste describes and includes old, end-of-life electronic appliances such as computers, laptops, TVs, DVD players, mobile phones, mp3 players , tape drives networking products, servers, etc., which have been disposed of by their original users (corporates, business establishments, government agencies and households) in most cases. It comprises of relatively expensive and essentially durable products used for data processing, telecommunications or entertainment by the said users.

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Electronic goods contain invaluable information (trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software, etc.,) maintained over time. Their inappropriate exposure is causes inconvenience if disposed without propriety. The responsibility of an organisation towards data does not end till the asset has been certified by professionals to be rendered free of data and inert environmentally. MyRecycler has carved a name for itself by organizations choosing to retire or replace equipment containing highly sensitive information, MyRecycler is trusted.

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E-Waste is a general term used to describe old,obsolete or disposed devices connected to the power grid and/or containing electronic parts.